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Dr. Li Zheng, owner and founder of Boston Chinese Acupuncture, was trained in China and a graduate of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. With more than 26 years of clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a decade working as a Chinese herbalist in Boston, Dr. Li Zheng treats a wide array of difficult or chronic disorders, including macular degeneration, weight gain, pain, arthritis, allergies, anxiety and depression. Dr. Li Zheng has had great success using acupuncture to treat infertility and has appeared on the Channel 5 show, Chronicle, speaking about fertility acupuncture in Boston.
Dr. Zheng is certified in facial rejuvenation, in which micro-thin needles are used to tone the facial muscles and remove wrinkles naturally and painlessly. She has also written two books: Acupuncture and Hormone Balance and Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Common Diseases to explain the mechanisms of acupuncture and how you can prevent heart disease, cancer, inflammation, fertility problems, prostate problems and high cholesterol. She is a professor of the New England School of Acupuncture, the Director of Natural Medicine at American Chinese Medical Exchange Society, and a consultant of the Health Grid Inc, MA.

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