Menusifu POS System

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Menusifu POS 餐饮系统


Menusifu POS is all about data at its core. Besides recording your daily transactions, Menusifu POS helps you consolidate sales, inventory and labor, so that scaling your business becomes truly painless.

Menusifu POS

特色 Features

  • 综合界面,简洁易学,根据贵店情况个性设置
    Integrates with easy to edit, customizable dashboard

  • 库存管理,先知先明,提前知悉原料使用状况
    Advanced yet simple inventory management, alerting you when ingredients are running low

  • 绩效报告,清晰了解员工工作表现
    Generates detailed reports outlining your restaurant's performance

  • 可实际应用的指导建议,精准指出餐厅可以提高的地方
    Gives you actionable insights on where you can improve

  • 云端及本地存储,双管齐下,适用于任何网络情况
    Stores all your customers' information and order history in the cloud and local servers

  • 特殊的信息安全保护,不必担心信息泄露
    Secure data protection

Menusifu POS Tablet

特色 Features

  • 点单改单,随时随地,信息直接送到厨房
    Takes and edit orders, which sends directly to the kitchen

  • 节约跑单时间,有效防止订单混淆
    Saves time and prevents confusion

  • 无缝同步Menusifu餐饮系统主机
    Seamlessly synchronizes with Menusifu POS


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